“To go to sea is to escape in the best sense, to flee trivial routine for something more lasting. The sea calls in a different voice to each of us, with a message we all understand; there’s something beyond what we know, and we can reach it.”
Before the Wind: True Stories About Sailing, by David Gowdey

As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, our goal at Compass Point Veteran Outreach is to provide an opportunity to veterans who are longing for an adventure.

Over 100 years ago, physicians used nature to heal; today, we heal through sailing. Compass Point strives to offer the best in an individual and family oriented holistic plan for better living. We use sailing as a healing mechanism in the quest for a semblance of normalcy for returning veterans and their families.

The staff of Compass Point consists of veterans from multiple wars, who have challenged themselves in the art of sailing and use it to improve their minds and lives.

We are located in Port Sanilac, Michigan, on the blue waters of Lake Huron. Our office is located far from the noise and stress of urban locations, offering a peaceful and quiet setting. Sailing days away to Lakes Superior and Michigan, to the beautiful Georgian Bay and North Channel.

Step aboard and start a journey to a better life for you and your family.

About Us

Compass Point is an 501c(3) non-profit organization that recognizes the turmoil and frustration experienced by returning veterans and their families while they reestablish themselves in society. In an effort to reconnect, some have experienced the labyrinth of bureaucratic and regulatory requirements, personnel problems, and obstacles that permeate the Veterans Health Administration.

Our mission is to provide an evidenced based practice that utilizes adventure therapy through the challenges of sailing. To give veterans an opportunity for adventure and to reconnect with their families; to come back to life.

We at Compass Point believe that the best way for veterans and their families to reconnect is with other veterans and their families in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Compass Point offers a program titled Adventure TherapyAdventure Therapy challenges individuals to become mentally and physically engaged in adventurous activities. The unfamiliar nature of these activities creates a climate in which individuals can challenge their current perceptions and behaviors. Four levels of sailing are offered: basic, coastal cruising, bareboat chartering, and advanced coastal cruising. If you accomplish all four, the boat you train on is available to you and your family throughout the sailing season.


Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
During the sailing season, typically May 1st – Labor Day Weekend

Cost: Zero! Compass Point Veteran Outreach is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. *Lodging and food are the responsibility of attendees; both are available in the local area.

Who Can Attend? Veterans and/or veteran families. No limit on family size; in this regard there are programs for all family members in a variety of venues. Preschool aged children are unable to participate.

Training Schedule: The minimum duration of sailing instruction is two days, the maximum can be a week or more.

Courses Offered: Basic Sailing, Coastal Cruising, Charter Cruising, and Advanced Coastal Cruising.

Requirements: DD-214 or NGB-22 must be provided. A semblance of fitness, to include ability to comprehend the dynamics of sailing are necessary. Disabled veterans are accepted; significant disabilities will be assessed during the intake process.

Intake Process: Interview with Captain to determine what type of service you are seeking and determine abilities to best fit you with the right service.

What Happens During the Program: For personal services, individuals are taught how to sail on a large vessel. Classroom instruction is followed by an on the water training. Venues cover basic to advanced sailing; basic is usually a two – four day program and advanced can do up to a week or more. All crew members are veterans. Family orientated services consist of a small boat course where each family member is taught the basics and a team/crew approach to sailing on a bigger boat as a family.

Staff Credentials: All staff are trained in accordance with the American Sailing Association (ASA) standards, by ASA instructors. All staff are veterans and CPR/BLS certified. Social Workers, Nutritionist, and Nurses are available on weekends if requested. Licensed USCG Captains are present during all training operations.

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