About Us

Compass Point is an 501c(3) non-profit organization that recognizes the turmoil and frustration experienced by returning veterans and their families while they reestablish themselves in society. In an effort to reconnect, some have experienced the labyrinth of bureaucratic and regulatory requirements, personnel problems, and obstacles that permeate the Veterans Health Administration.

Our mission is to provide an evidenced based practice that utilizes adventure therapy through the challenges of sailing. To give veterans an opportunity for adventure and to reconnect with their families; to come back to life.

We at Compass Point believe that the best way for veterans and their families to reconnect is with other veterans and their families in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Compass Point offers a program titled Adventure TherapyAdventure Therapy challenges individuals to become mentally and physically engaged in adventurous activities. The unfamiliar nature of these activities creates a climate in which individuals can challenge their current perceptions and behaviors. Four levels of sailing are offered: basic, coastal cruising, bareboat chartering, and advanced coastal cruising. If you accomplish all four, the boat you train on is available to you and your family throughout the sailing season.