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As a non-profit organization, our goal at Compass Point Veteran Outreach is to provide an opportunity to veterans who are longing for an adventure.

Over 100 years ago, physicians used nature to heal; today, we heal through sailing. Compass Point strives to offer the best in an individual and family oriented holistic plan for better living. We use sailing as a healing mechanism in the quest for a semblance of normalcy for returning veterans and their families.

The staff of Compass Point consists of veterans from multiple wars, who have challenged themselves in the art of sailing and use it to improve their minds and lives.

We are located in Port Sanilac, Michigan, on the blue waters of Lake Huron.


Our office is located far from the noise and stress of urban locations, offering a peaceful and quiet setting.


Sailing days away to Lakes Superior and Michigan, to the beautiful Georgian Bay and North Channel.

Step aboard and start a journey to a better life for you and your family.

We can't direct the


but we can always adjust the Sails...


We at Compass Point, recognize the turmoil and frustration experienced by returning veterans and their families while they reestablish themselves in society. In an effort to reconnect, some have experienced the labyrinth of bureaucratic and regulatory requirements, personnel problems, and obstacles that permeate the Veterans Health Administration. We are here to help.

Our mission:

To provide an evidenced based practice that utilizes adventure therapy through the challenges of sailing. To give veterans an opportunity to readjust and reconnect with their families --------------- to come back to life.

We at Compass Point believe that the best way for veterans and their families to reconnect is with other veterans and their families in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

What We Offer:

Compass Point offers a sailing experience for families called Adventure Therapy. Adventure Therapy challenges individuals to become mentally and physically engaged in adventurous activities. The unfamiliar nature of these activities creates a climate in which individuals can challenge their current perceptions and behaviors. 


Adventure Therapy (AT) is “the prescriptive use of adventure experiences provided by mental health professionals, often conducted in natural settings that kinesthetically engage clients on cognitive, affect, and behavioral levels (Gass, 2012)”. AT that involves family tends to occur in short bursts, such as three-day weekends. The sessions, have a large impact because families are not distracted by daily life, and thus can work on deeper issues together (DeAngelis, 2013). Compass Point Outreach is an AT program that utilizes the experience of sailing as a healing mechanism to help veterans, along with their families, in the quest for a semblance of normalcy.


Since the 1980s, challenge has been used as a foundational philosophy behind AT. A more detailed timeline of the evolution of AT is listed on the website Significant Events in Adventure Therapy (Gillis L. ). AT programs today can include many different variations (Davis-Berman, 2000), either as the sole treatment or in combination with traditional therapy (Davis-Berman, 1994). All AT programs, however, purposefully build emotional growth into their program structure (Berman, 2000). AT is shown to have positive effects on individuals as well as on family dynamics. Gass and Gillis (2010) found that AT performed better than other treatment programs at reintegration of youth into society. Further analyses of AT programs also show positive results for participants (Carson & Gillis, 1994). While these studies focus on adolescents, integration and rehabilitation apply to veterans as well. Further research shows that the positive effects of AT are not only seen in the individual, but also are seen positively in the family (Behrens & Satterfield, 2006). This is one of the reasons it is paramount for Compass Point Outreach to involve family in the healing process.

Sailing Classes:

We offer 4 levels of sailing:

  • Basic

  • Coastal Cruising 

  • Bareboat Chartering

  • Advanced Coastal Cruising

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