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Sailing Programs

Compass Point Sailing Program

Compass Point’s sailing program starts with an introductory eight-to-ten-hour safety/sailing course spread over two days.  The introductory sailing course verifies if sailing is for you; if it is, the next step is to sign up for basic sailing.  Both introductory and basic sailing is ‘weather driven’: students will not be taken out in winds in excess of 10mph.  The basic sailing course requires 12 hours of training over a two-day period. 


If sailing IS for you, three additional levels of proficiency are offered: coastal cruising, charter, and advanced coastal cruising.  Study guides will be provided for each level.  

Overnight stays can be at Compass Point’s ‘retreat’ cottages (for a donation), located 11miles north on the shores of Lake Huron with beach and BBQ/Grill/Deck access. Training is conducted in and around Port Sanilac’s Municipal Harbor, located at the end of Michigan Highway 46.


    For directions and Municipal Harbor details, right click on below link and then Open Hyperlink.

7376 Main Street

Sailing Rope

Lady of the Lakes Charter

Lady of the Lakes Sail Charters and Compass Point Vet Outreach offer a unique sailing opportunity to veterans and their family members who have participated in Compass Point’s sailing program.  Captain Kevin Nichols is the owner and Master of the schooner Jade Lady, one of the few schooners still sailing the Great Lakes.  Jade Lady has sailed as far south as Venezuela and as far north as the Great Lakes with dozens of ports of call in numerous locations in between, logging close to 40,000 open ocean miles in her travels.  

     Those who have completed the Coastal Cruising course with Compass Point will be accepted by Captain Kevin and Jade Lady as crew to sail on the 55 ft. schooner.  Kevin is an Army Veteran who believes in vets helping vets.  This is achieved by having a welcoming space with others who have been there and can share past experiences with other vets who understand where you’re coming from.

Sailing on Jade Lady is a unique experience taking you back to the 18th century when schooners were the work horses and occasionally the pirate ships, of their day.  Captain Kevin is also a maritime history professor and underwater archeologist who teaches at local colleges.  Many veterans due to their experiences are interested in and knowledgeable about history, which makes for some great discussions while cruising aboard the classic schooner Jade Lady. 

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