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FAQ | Additional Information

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • During the sailing season, typically May 1st – Labor Day Weekend


-Compass Point Veteran Outreach (CPVO) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. 

-CPVO has teamed with Sonset Sailing, an American Sailing Association (ASA) training affiliate. Veterans and/or respective families get a discount for sailing instructions.


-The going rate for an ASA basic sailing course is $490.00 per person, CPVO Vets and/or families get a $290.00 discount; the discount is not a ‘per person’ affair, it’s a single cost that covers the entire family.

-Sonset has two boats for training:

22’ Catalina at a cost of $200 per class

30’ Catalina at a cost of $300 per class.


For more information about the boats and training, please access:



-Lodging and food are the responsibility of attendees; both are available in
the local area tor at CPVO’s ‘retreat’ (see video in ‘About’ tab) offering full service cabins, BBQ, and beach access to Lake Huron. A donation (amount is up
to you) is required for cabin use.​

Who Can Attend?

  • Veterans and/or veteran families. No limit on family size; in this regard there are programs for all family members in a variety of venues. Preschool aged children are unable to participate.

Training Schedule

  • The minimum duration of sailing instruction is two days, the maximum can be a week or more. 

Courses Offered

  • Basic Sailing

  • Coastal Cruising

  • Charter Cruising

  • Advanced Coastal Cruising.


  • DD-214 or NGB-22 must be provided. A semblance of fitness, to include ability to comprehend the dynamics of sailing are necessary. Disabled veterans are accepted; significant disabilities will be assessed during the intake process.

Intake Process

  • Interview with Captain to determine what type of service you are seeking and determine abilities to best fit you with the right service.

What Happens During the Program

  • For personal services, individuals are taught how to sail on a large vessel. Classroom instruction is followed by an on the water training. Venues cover basic to advanced sailing; basic is usually a 2-4 day program and advanced can be up to a week or more.

  • All crew members are veterans. Family orientated services consist of a small boat course where each family member is taught the basics and a team/crew approach to sailing on a bigger boat as a family.

Staff Credentials

  • All staff are trained in accordance with the American Sailing Association (ASA) standards, by ASA instructors.

  • All staff are veterans and CPR/BLS certified.

  • Social Workers, Nutritionist, and Nurses are available on weekends if requested.

  • Licensed USCG Captains are present during all training operations.

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