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Our Sailing Log:

We provide an evidenced based practice that utilizes adventure therapy through the challenges of sailing.

We at Compass Point believe that the best way for veterans and their families to reconnect is in a safe and supportive atmosphere with other veterans who understand their situation. Our past clients enjoy the time they spend with their family and our crew. 

Derek Steinhoff: U.S. Navy 
USS Tautog: Fire Control Technician
Marine Patrol Deputy & EMS Paramedic

This is my second year with Compass Point and the experience has been terrific; the equipment is well

maintained. I have wanted to learn to sail for many years and I am thankful to the crew at Compass

Point for reaching out to Veterans and making a program like this available. These guys are the best.

image1 (1).jpeg
Todd Anglebrandt: U.S.Paratrooper
82nd ABN DIV

“...The opportunity to going sailing was amazing.  I have been boating and fishing all my life however the chance to be on the water with silence really gave me and my son an opportunity to just enjoy nature and the importance of family without any distractions.  What a great day on the water...“ 

Major Drew Brennan and Family

"...The Compass Point sailing program provided my family with an exciting opportunity to build communication and problem solving skills.  The Compass Point training was top-caliber and encouraged each of my family members to learn and to grow - while developing important safety skills and also having fun.  What an amazing opportunity to learn about facing and overcoming life's challenges…"

Julianna Grace Vukson Weidman

"We had a wonderful day on the water with Compass Point. The instructor worked with us patiently and clearly to ensure we had hands on experience. Having never been on a sailboat in my life, he taught me how to sail out of the slip and into open water. This program is a wonderful way for veterans and their families to spend time together, learn a new skill, and enjoy Michigan’s waters. Along the way, we learned something about ourselves and some lessons to apply to our family life. Thanks for a great day on the “mighty Huron."

IMG_2386 (1).jpg
Major Paul Lepley and Family

"...Sailing is simple, however, for a flat-footed terra firma person such as myself the prospect of taking a 32 foot, 10,000 pound boat on the water without a motor seems to be a bad idea. It is in this act of using the wind to navigate such a vessel across the Great Lakes that someone can find new confidence and appreciation for natural laws. During my families trips sailing outside of Port Sanilac, MI we were able to face our uncertainties, challenge our assumptions, and grow in teamwork. As my 15-year-old daughter takes the helm during a man overboard exercise, and my 13-year-old daughter uses a hook to snatch the horseshoe buoy from the blue water that my family learned that we can count on each other during unexpected times. When my wife navigates the boat into the slip and an unexpected wind pushes the bow toward the pylon and we adjust our positions to push off the dock before making contact we learn to be flexible and to help each other in the midst of uncertainty. And, when my kids get tired and decide to take up a napping position in the hull leaving my wife and I to enjoy the quite solitude of the lake that we learn that we can relax and let the wind take us where we want to go. Sailing is simple and although we cannot control the winds, we can control our sails..." 

Adam Jando: U.S. Army 
Combat Infantryman: 1-125 INF

"Thank you for hosting this event. Indeed we had a great time, and I see the value in what you offer to veterans and 1st responders. We will definitely cross-promote your services to our volunteer corps and other service providers. I predict that it will be our volunteers who will be the one taking advantage of your unique services. Thank you for taking us out on your boat, it was both fun and terrifying."

Nicholas Rogers

"Sailing with Compass Point has been a great experience. Learning the ways of the water and the different aspects of sailing is a great way to build confidence, work together with a group(crew), and have a nice time overall. The training is superb and I felt very comfortable learning something new. I would recommend this program to anyone interested."

IMG_1237 (1).jpg
Michael Ruhl: U.S. Airforce Veteran
Desert Storm 

"I’m a disabled Air Force Veteran that served during Desert Storm. I’ve had some difficulty readjusting to civilian life. When I learned about Compass Point Veteran Outreach, I contacted them with some questions. They were so helpful and accommodating, the next thing I knew, my wife & I were invited there for an adventure of a lifetime. 


We were challenged as members of a crew, sailing a large sailboat on the open waters of the Great Lakes!  The crews professionalism & leadership provided us with confidence and motivated us to work together as a team.  The staff taught us how fundamentals of sailing may be used to improve situations in our everyday lives. 


After returning to port, we were left on our own to explore the many activities in Port Sanilac.  We attended a festival at the Sanilac County Historic Village & Museum, ate dinner at the Marina, and watched musicians perform in a lakefront park. 


We were lodged in a vintage lakefront cabin with modern amenities.  Outside was a deck with a barbecue grill & camp fire ring.  We watched freighters passing in & out of Port Huron. It was incredible watching the sunrise over Lake Huron. 


The entire adventure was a relaxing alternative to our busy lives.  We were encouraged to spend time together as a family. There was no cost for sailing and we made a free will donation for the use of the cabin.  


We highly recommend Compass Point Veteran Outreach to Veterans and their families.  Thank you for your hospitality-we’ll be back soon. God Bless you for all that you do for our Veterans!"


Michael & Anna Ruhl, Lapeer, Michigan 

Chevis Musselman and Family 
U.S. Army 1SG 

"I can’t say enough about this amazing non-profit organization! We had the most BEST family  experience sailing. Even our three daughters joined us (13, 11 and 7). We learned so much from the crew and not only were they amazing, and informative instructors, we felt at ease when learning the obstacles of sailing. The staff was patient, and made safety number one when they instructed all the guidelines. 


We found a passion for sailing we never thought we had. Being on the water, and letting the wind be our guide was a lifetime experience for all of us. Words can’t express the gratitude Compass Point Veteran Outreach showed us. We will definitely be back for more time on the water. Thank you so much for such a memorable time, we will always cherish!"

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